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#metoo campaign Richa Chadha

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Goodness is better than being famous!

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Journey to the mountains

IEP's vision statement

IEP's vision statement

Avtar Singh on Teacher's day

A guru for all seasons and classes!

Right to Privacy and Triple Talaq

The Indian Judiciary is keeping democracy and sanity alive in India Three good judgemenets- protecting the Right To privacy, banning Triple Talaq and prosecuting Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim are all powerful statements telling truth to power! Justice Kehler's minority argument in Triple Talaq was well researched and thought through. Hurry for the Indian Judiciary! Chief Justice Khelkar

Ram Rahim Gurmeet Singh

I have been actively following the Dear Sacha violence and it's leader who has been abusing women for a very long time. Hope Justice is served.