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Oprah and burnout

big sugar: sweet, white and deadly

Sanjay Dutt is not a terrorist

Casino Royale and Babel

In the Land of the Taliban

Living without fear

Eqbal Ahmad Terrorism Theirs and Ours

Internet Pharmacy and the Bansal Family


Chiquita gives birth

Fast Food Nation the movie

Annie Leibovitz at the Brooklyn Museum


Cars doing a head stand

Tree over house

Bent out of shape fan

Remains of a Bed

After the Flood Photographs by Robert Polidori

The Anatomy of a Tiger India High and Low By P.Sainath

Megacity Lagos Nigeria

plunging in

natures beauty

gold and greens

the earth dressed in golds, reds and rusts

oranges, rusts

rose red


leaf floating in water

leafless bare trees

white bark

roots and leaves

weaping willows

oranges and golds

fall foliage in reds

red bush


fall in new york

Nancy Pelosi first woman speaker of the house

Democrats win House of Representatives

illegal immigrants poem

A Great Day for Iraq

Shiloh Choir at Convent Baptist Church

Anne Tyler Digging to America