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swimming practise

dog lover


pink dogs

fashionable east side dogs

making an igloo


Happy lunar new year year of the snake

The little fish moves left The medium fish moves right The big fish swims in a circle And they all start to fight The grace in the world Is sweet and sound The nations of heart And the sweet summer love The gnomes come out of caves And say their stories The smallest fish is the shiniest The world is full of nations high And the people see oh my oh my The grace of heart And the poetry of fish The scale of the world And on my oh up high The coral reef is full of fish

circle is complete

perish impermanence



creating her own mandala


mixing sand colors

coming together

Mandala Making

nanu and miya

poetry by M

the winter slow flakes
wild and west
on the white peach snow
and the trees shimmering
the flowers hibernate
until spring again

the trees are melting
and the ice is beginning
the world is covered
with layers of white pink snow

the treasures hidden
deep inside
the pups go and play inside

the silence of shadows