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happy aniversary kabir and aishwarya

happy new years eve december 31st

The art of Dinh Q. Le

This Vietnamese American artist’s work is exhibited at the Asia Society in NYC.
Dinh Q. Le was born in a small village in Vietnam on the Cambodian border, immigrated with his family to the U.S. via Thailand and later returned to Vietnam, where he has lived for nearly ten years.

His work is very powerful, he uses the effects and consequences of the war in Vietnam as the starting point of his art. At the entrance are a series of sculptures called Lotus Land, which have images of children that were conjoined twins coming out of a lotus. This was in reference to the effects of agent orange that had been sprayed in Vietnam from 1961-1971. The conjoined twins that were born in Vietnam were a symbol of thedevastation of the war, but then some villagers started treating these children as symbols of good luck. The artist was showing how some thing that is defective can be reinterpreted as a positive depending on your perception of it. On the left breast of the twins, were the nam…

angad farid singh

welcome to the world..happy new year
may you see peace in the world

do not ask me now beloved

Mujh se paih’li si muhabbat meri maihbub na mang
Mujh se paihli si muhabbat meri maihbub na mang
Main ne samjha tha ki tu hai to darakh shan hai hayat
Tira gham hai to gham-e-daihr ka jhagra kya hai
Teri surat se hai alam men baharon ko sabat
Tiri ankhon ke siwa duniya men rakha kya hai
Tu jo mil jae to taqdir nigun ho jae
Yun na tha, main ne faqat chaha tha yun ho jae
Awr bhi dukh hai zamane men muhabbat je siwa
Rahaten awr bhi hain wasl ki rahat ke siwa
Anginat sadiyon ke tarik bihimana tilism
Resham-o-atlas-o-kamkhwab men bunwae hue
Jas-ba-ja bikte hue kucha-o-bazar men jism
Khak men lithre hue, khun men nahan hue

Don’t ask me now, beloved
Don’t ask me now, Beloved, for that love of other days
When I thought since you were, life would always scintillate
That love’s pain being mine, the world’s pain I would despise.
That your beauty lastingness to the spring would donate,
that nothing in the world was of worth but your eyes;
were you to be mine, fate would bow before me.

It was n…

Ani Tenzin Palmo & Mariana Caplan

There is no one on this earth who is not looking for God Hafiz
Mariana Caplan
author of the following books that I read this year..
1. The way of failure: winning through losing Hohm press Arizona 2001
2. Halfway up the mountain: the error of premature claims to enlightenment
3. Do you need a guru? Understanding the student-teacher relationship in an era of false prophets Thorsons London 2002
All three of the books are very well written, clear, lucid and thought provoking. The thesis of the first book the way of failure is that - failure should be seen as a positive experience. Just because your perception of success was not realized, does not mean anything. Often because you did not "succeed" you found insight, experience and wisdom, which is much more profound than success.
Failure challenged one to look for other options, which often leads to more compassion for others who are in similar circumstances. She related experiences of failur…

gurgaon butterfly

lakshmi and hanuman

delhi staircases

pink champas

nimbu pani

flowers bouganvillea

and more clothes



great great grandmother spinning cotton


snow mountains in the distance

lanterns on a cold night

hanuman mandir


delhi walls

shave anyone

delhis city life

himalayan sunset

r.i.p. Gurbaj Singh

horrible death of taxi cab driver Gurbaj Singh in queens New York december 27th. He was the sole breadwinner of his family in india, he is survived by his wife and two sons. His wife and sons need to get visas to come to the US so that they can give him a proper funeral according to sikh rites.

See the report on newsday below,0,4851092.story?coll=nyc-homepage-breakingheadlines

sikh man

gurdwara exterior