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so so important

Jai Ho

Indian women and dress

Duleep Singh

Avoiding future shock

The Great Ethnic Trail | Sandipan Deb

Delhi's Khan Market Is India's Most Expensive Retail Location

Must read!

Nandita Das

on Reading and daydreaming

are you serious

lest we never forget


Rice is not the answer for inflammation

Kiran Desai

Reyhaneh Jabbari

Sherlock Holmes and the powers of concentration

Perpetual City

ambainny: barimama and mira

ambainny: barimama, barepapa, kabir

ambainny: Barimama


Autistic kid and Siri

Kailash and Malala win Nobel Peace Prize

From the NYTs




stop reading toi

from Kafila

Mahithra and Deepika

Anni Drolma

Silkhs of Saragarhi

5 things to do for democracy

the violence of humiliation

Janay Rice

delhi cartoons

An Unequal Childhood | Pavithra S. Rangan

Mardaani | Namrata Joshi

All kids learn in multiple ways

boarding schools and bullying

Understanding postcolonial Muslim politics - The Hindu

Hate Crime

Dastan Alice Ki transports capital’s children to ‘Wonderland’ | The Indian Express | Page 99

Boarding Schools

coming out now

Ragging and Bullying

other uses of shipping containers~

Delhi Ranked 111th in Global Liveability Study

John Oliver

the black body in America


Border Anthems - Pak Sar Zameen & Jana Gana Mana

The Courtier Turned Critic | Vinod Mehta

A first for women

Lexile reading

How Mindful Schools Make for Mindful Kids—and Teachers

for educators


introspective or narcissistic

Pawns On The Board | Sidharth Bhatia

Steel in her spine - Hindustan Times

from the nyt

Ravi Dayal

Drapes and divinity - The Hindu

New ways of teaching math

Women Cannot Have It All: PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

'It Is Majoritarianism That Needs To Be Contested' | Ather Farouqui

from the NYT

reading readiness

Racism as social science |

Bill and Melinda Gates

from the nyt, the writing brain

Mary Osborne

Prem Sadasivanada

How to give your child a rich life--without raising entitled kids.

too much artwork..too much writing distracts

shame on you Tavleen Singh

The Ghosts Of Khushwant Singh's Delhi | Amitabha Bagchi

stop bathing so much..


a great and honest speech at Harvard Law School

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

The End of a Douchebag: Dinesh D’Souza Facing Jail Time

Maya Angelou

10 Questions for Maya Angelou

The Gujarat Model Of Politician | Saba Naqvi

what a cool idea

An open letter to Narendra Modi - The Hindu

Silence Is Deafening, Are My Fears Unfounded? | Nandita Das

‘Illiberalism Will Destroy Our Ecology Of Ideas’ | Neha Bhatt

Rule Of Misogyny? | Urvashi Butalia

Preserve the Idea of India - The Hindu


Salman Rushdie: On 'Modi's Toadies'

Indian-Born Poet Vijay Seshadri Wins 2014 Pulitzer Prize

Indian-Origin Techie Beats Girlfriend, Fired From Company

Mitali Saran: Mr Modi's men | Business Standard

What about 1984?

India Together: Could Modi be a development disaster?: Ashish Kothari - 04 April 2014

Khushwant: RIP | Dhiren Bhagat

How To Live & Die | Khushwant Singh

Posthumous | Khushwant Singh

strong analysis

Three Reasons to Shop at Delhi’s Weekly Organic Farmer’s Market | BLOUIN ARTINFO

major changes in the sat

not so reluctant renegade

"We Need Ambedkar--Now, Urgently..." | Saba Naqvi

The Fragrant Envoy | Aman Nath

meditating and swimming

RIP Pradip- amazing photographer and family friend

Apps for Students With LD | Organization & Study - NCLD

Learning & The Brain Materials | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

Here's to swimming


Bitten by Box Jelly Fish and still swimming

From Live Stream

and what India will look like under him

From the ground up

creativity in education

dayanita and nony Singh


Pete Seeger

Middle childhood

Jhumpa Lahiri

Patriarchy and short hair

the beautiful Huma

culture clash

culture clash

the bearded look