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welcome home Urmi

married and changed into a sari now

another angle


Here comes the gorgeous bride

Jai Mala

riding to go get his bride

maulis being tied on the horse by sisters

the groom gets on a white horse

White Sardars

Chura Time

Mehndi Time

Shawn and Leela Kutty

shopping for bangles

amba and mira at the mehndi

Mira selecting bangles

Shot Central

The Happy Parents Geeta and Nayan

Happy Birthday Kabir

Bari Mama Dancing

Aish striking a pose

Geeta and the Groom at the sangeet

The newly weds Amit and Urmila

Such Ostentation

Tejeshwar Singh

David Barsamian

Lama Surya's weekly words of wisdom

An arrow to the heart review

Rab Rakha Febrile Convultion

the problem with Christmas

What women want

Martha Nussbaum