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Hispanic Heritage Food Fest Oct 2018


Mere absetension is not austerity, true austerity is control of the mind. We have to take wholesome and moral information through our senses. Austerity is strength not weakness. The Mind has 4 functions- 1. Manas-deliberative and thus oscilates between certainty and doubt, restlessness and anxiety. 2. Budhi-determinate faculty and is based on the nature of certainty. It is an important tool for a seeker and it helps us rouse ourselves from slumber and dormancy and assert our power. 3. Chita- is the storehouse of memories and impressions. 4. Ahankara- the feelings of Ii. We need to have one pointedness of mind and senses. Tapas is the way to go. The goal of a student is to concentrate and be free of distractions. Youth is a time of strife and unbridled senses and untrained mind. Eyes are open but mind is asleep. 3 parts- body, mind and spirit According to Vivekananda- concentration is the core of education. Concentration and detachment. Collection of facts is not education, but an …