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To Annonymous

Nilanjana Roy says it so well. Here are my thoughts- We have been struggling to process the savagery and butchery that this brave woman had to endure at the hands of her murderers. How can people be so brutal to each other? How powerless do the slum dwellers feel that they poke iron rods into a woman's insides that tear her intestines apart, break her face and give her brain damage. Rage rage rage. Justice needs to come in the form of teachers from nursery school educating males and females in gender equality and dismantling of the patriarchial mindset. Change needs to come within families, where girls are discriminated against from the moment they are conceived. Change needs to come in Hindi movies that portray women as item numbers to fulfill male fantasies. Retraining the police force is imperative in rape cases. Women need to feel safe when they go into a police station to report a crime committed against them. The army has to stop using rape as a weapon of subjugation in C…






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