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Barkha Dutt's unquiet land

Great News about Bihar!

Protest by writers

the impeccable Vikram Seth

all for eating beef!!!

Victoria and Albert Museum

Talvar- a great movie release the parents now!


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John Dayal needs to be protected now

Sleep, time, play, genuine interests

Valerie Straus

The Pompous

Delhi College of Art


Sunrise: Country changing

less jobs

self obit by Oliver Sacks



life and death

Cornell West

Proof - Math school

Social inclusion

'I am not god, I am Radhe Maa’ - The Hindu

home births

perils of multitasking

‘I Don’t Believe There Are Only Two Genders. I See Gender As A Spectrum And I’m Somewhere On It.’ | Saba Naqvi | Aug 24,2015

strong women of India

how to help students with exec functioning

how to teach blm

emotional intelligence

inspiring quotes by Roald Dahl

Building grit



Emergency darkest period?

IAS topper

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Khan Market

Math anxiety!

Frightening scenario of Higher Education in India..

David Remnick

2 good things in the US today Gay Marriage legalized and Obama's rendition of Amazing Grace..


Shan Foods!

Moral and Kind

working moms

Indian women and their lack of rights

Obama and race in America

autism and older parents and teenage parents

green spaces

India's poverty

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eye contact

the new open office

a must read

a poem by Meena Cariappa what a great find!

religion discriminates against women

bakshi detective on the loose


not the only way forward-stem


living in fear

by AR

less burn out

daily stone


at NY independent schools

oliver Sacks

medium David Carr


Teesta Setalvad

on Charlie Hebdo


Speaking power to satrical truth

keep the kids at school

The Muslims in Europe

from the New Yorker

by Pico Iyer

Je suis Charlie