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i love them


my baby got her ears pierced

Australian Open Champion


As you like it

A letter to her son

Padma Bhusan

Cornel West on Obama

words of wisdom from Lama Surya dAS

thought for today

I CAN Do It! -

Scott Horton on the supposed death by suicide by 3 Gitmo detainees

Peace through education

German women with children returning to work..

Bill Moyers on the conservatives

thought for today

The Hindu : Literary Review / Interview : Negotiating change with memory

the pursuit of happiness continued

Whats your personal philosophy?

thought for today

The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Metro | Dalai the ‘chela

Award from the Dalai Lama to Neena Singh

Neena Singh

thought for today

thought for today.

Iran's professors protest the aggression on students by the regime

Pakistan's educational system

and the pursuit of happiness