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a poem by Meena Cariappa what a great find!

JUNGLE JUSTICE A court was being held by the judge Grizzly Bear The wolf, the fox, the cheetah were there. The prisoner, a woodcutter, trembled with fear A strong case against him was filed by the deer As the jury of leopards came and sat on one side "Stand up!" said he judge, "You're bout to be tried You enter our jungle when you please And day after day you cut off our trees Our home and shelter you take away Soon our children will not have a single place to play! Have you ever stopped to think how we feel? When you come to our jungle to plunder and to steal How would you like it if we did the same? Broke down your homes and set them aflame?" At last the woodcutter spoke, his voice full of shame "I have just understood how much I am to blame I have only been thinking of myself all along And without meaning to have done you great wrong I don't just want to beg forgiveness of everyone But want to find out how to undo what I've done To make amends i…