Saturday, April 28, 2012

thought for today

God does everything for your own good. Later on you will know this. Be patient. -- Sri Swami Sivananda

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Manmohan Singh as a spiritualist

Happy Baisakhi

Baisakhi is here In the tumult of excess that has come to mark our celebrations, let us all spare a moment to dwell on the shabad of Guru Gobind Singh: “Let wisdom be your guide…/ Eat sparingly and sleep sparingly, and have forgiveness and compassion and love within thee./ And live with good conduct and contentment, harbouring neither lust nor wrath, greed, obstinacy or undue attachment…/then you will see the quintessence of the soul and attain everlasting happiness”. A good enough recipe even for just one lifetime.

Sharing science with young kids

A great list for parents to do science at home.

Shahrukh Khan at Yale

I enjoyed his lecture..

Sunday, April 08, 2012

hanging gardens




hanging gardens

orange orkids

yellow flower

parts of an orkid

orange orkids


Vertical Gardens

NY botanical gardens

yellow magnolias


3 windows

sky views

cloisters through windows


seagull with crab

educational experiences that change a life

Pico Iyer's words resonated for me. Boarding-School Blues By PICO IYER, author Older boys were allowed to beat younger ones at my 15th-century English boarding school, and every boy had to run a five-mile annual steeplechase through the sludge and rain of an October day, as horses do. We wrote poems in dead languages and recited the Lord’s Prayer in Latin every Sunday night. At my previous school, in preparation, we had to race through cold showers every morning at dawn before a breakfast of lukewarm kippers or porridge. Fourteen of us, aged 9, shared a single damp chamber and, clutching teddy bears, thought of parents in faraway Hong Kong or Nairobi or (in my case) California. Well-meaning friends shudder when I recall my school days for them now; I glow nostalgically. Forty years on, I see my relentless training in these ancient institutions (partly monastic and largely military) as the most benign influence in my life, and one of its happiest memories. The world is tough, the system was saying, and to find happiness in it you have to summon resilience, resolve and self-sufficiency. This is a process developed over centuries to teach you how to govern yourself and how, as the Buddhists say, to live joyfully in a world of sorrows.

Banerjee, Duflo and Kremer

A simple idea teach where the kids are at..