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Mere absetension is not austerity, true austerity is control of the mind. We have to take wholesome and moral information through our senses. Austerity is strength not weakness. The Mind has 4 functions- 1. Manas-deliberative and thus oscilates between certainty and doubt, restlessness and anxiety. 2. Budhi-determinate faculty and is based on the nature of certainty. It is an important tool for a seeker and it helps us rouse ourselves from slumber and dormancy and assert our power. 3. Chita- is the storehouse of memories and impressions. 4. Ahankara- the feelings of Ii. We need to have one pointedness of mind and senses. Tapas is the way to go. The goal of a student is to concentrate and be free of distractions. Youth is a time of strife and unbridled senses and untrained mind. Eyes are open but mind is asleep. 3 parts- body, mind and spirit According to Vivekananda- concentration is the core of education. Concentration and detachment. Collection of facts is not education, but an assimilation of ideas. Education should bring out the best in you, we should not fritter away our energy. Read-assimilate-concentrate. Concentration is self mastery based on one pointedness of mind and senses and focus on the divine mantra and visual image. This is hard for the mind to do. 4 fold hierarchy of senses according to Krishna. Senses-mind-budhi-atman All refer to me. I am the body and the senses, the senses are hardly decisive, they sail with the current with no assertion of will. According to the Kathupanishad use the imagery of a chariot to understand the mind. Reigns is manas, horses are the sense organs, charioteer is budhi and master is the atman or body. Body is the abode of god, if the horses are not broken and the charioteer is asleep and the reigns are not firmly held, how will we arrive at our destination? Realization of mind we need- to be wide awake, only then is the budhi operational. This is the essence of the Gayatri Mantra.Budhi is one with the mind and inspired by the atman and oriented towards sat truth and working towards concentration. According to Swami Brahmananda body austerites are easy, hard to control the mind from lust, greed and envy. Real austerity is refuge in truth, conquer lust, and renounce all cravings. Chapter 18 of the Gita- Purifies the mind through discipline, give up your favourite things. Be awake only if you take care of the mind. Swami Abhutananda-important to discrimiate between real and unreal. Swami Sivananda-It is important to be indifferent to praise or blame and relevant to be immersed in prayer. Gita mentions 3 types of foods-satvic, rajasic and tamasic. However instead of these top 3 use Physical, Speech and Mind austerities. Physical- worship, prostrations to teacher and gurus. Keeping the body clean and not harming others physically or verbally and use of the idea of Ahimsa. According to Swami Vivekanda true non violence is not resisting evil, but cultivating strength, not making a virtue of weakeness. Austerity at the level of speech- non agitation, disciplined self mastery, not being perturbed or perturbing others. Words need to be truthful, beneficial and pleasant to the listener. Austerity of speech is benefical, only if gossip is not indulged in. Swadhaya is strengthing the mind by regular recitiation of the gita, create serenity of the mind. The mind shows on the face through a gentle and calm disposition. Silence-helps live and relive things. It is important to silence the restless nature of the mind and stop it's chattering. Better to talk to god than ourselves. Self control- is purity to see that our thoughts, actions, speech are in aligment and disciplined. Austerity helps us grow in self mastery. Tapas is the best discipline. Be wide awake like the charioteers. Austerity is one pointedness in truth with strong will. Talk at RK Mission

global implant scam

Scary that India has so many faulty medical devices. Doctors reported that they are spending a lot of time taking out breast implants that malfunctioned..Serious stuff

Climate Change in 7 charts with great definitions

Climate change in 7 charts Save our planet before it is too late. Change of diet is the number one important factor..go vegetarian and eat local.

Personalized learning

Interesting article on the future of personalized learning. It is defined in two ways, one is to put students in front of a computer and the other one is to base the curriculum on projects. I think collaborative learning projects are the way to go.

RIP Fatmida Riaz

RIP Fatmida Riaz

Banerjee, Duflo and Kremer

A simple idea teach where the kids are at..