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Mira's summer reading

Mira’s summer reading

Scholastic provides a parents guide to reading with young children and mentions that for 0-1 year old children the format should be stiff cardboard books with soft vinyl covers that are easy for babies to handle. They should feature pictures, that are simple or large designs set against contrasting backgrounds. The content can deal with animals or familiar subjects about family life, faces, food and toys. The languages should focus on labeling sounds of common objects or animals such as cats or cars. Skills like pointing to pictures and babbling may represent the rising and falling sounds the caregiver makes when reading.

1. Counting Kisses a kiss and read book by Karen Katz- this book has great illustrations and teaches the counting of numbers. It also gently lulls the baby to sleep, by one last kiss on your sleepy, dreamy head.

2. On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier. This book is for slightly older children since it has longer sentences and more words. But it is a beautiful book and its enchanting words make me feel part of nature. Although the animals are specifically American and European. Here is a sampling…

On the eve of your birth
Word of your coming
Passed from animal to animal.

The reindeer told the artic terns,
Who told the humpback whales,
Who told the pacific salmon,
Who told the monarch butterflies,
Who told the green turtles,
Who told the European eel,
Who told the busy garden warblers

And the marvelous news migrated worldwide.
Ok this part is really good here it is

While you waited in darkness,
Tiny knees curled to chin,
The earth and her creatures
With the sun and the moon
All moved in their places,
Each ready to greet you
The very first moment
On the very first day you arrived
Here is the last page..Stop already!

>>“Welcome to the spinning world,” the people sang,
As they washed your new, tiny hands.

“Welcome to the green earth,” the people sang,
As they wrapped your wet, slippery body.

And as they held you close
They whispered into your open, curving ear,
“We are so glad you’ve come

The book is hardbound, with colorful illustrations. Nature, earth, sun, stars are featured more prominently than human beings which is a nice change from most of the human centered books.

3. I love you grandpa by Vivian French and illustrated by Dana Kubick
This beautiful book is about Stanley and his grandpa. It deals with Stanley singing to grandpa when he is tired and then grandpa taking Stanley to the swings. It is about taking care of elders and having fun with them at the same time. Stanley and his grandpa are both cats’ dressed as humans. This is Stanley’s song to Grandpa

I love bees cause they go buzz buzz buzz
And I love little fishies when they go splashy sploshy splashy.
And I love worms when they wiggle wiggle wiggle.
But most of all I love my grandpa because he is mine
And I love him best of all.
It reminded me of my grandfather and playing with him. He is a passive participant in this story, but a loving and caring grandfather, just like mine.

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