Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Burma Protests and Honor Killing in Punjab

So much happening and so little time to blog. My baby is also suffering from major separation anxiety from her mother. So when I come home she cry's when she sees me, and is upset in the evenings. By the time I put her to sleep I am exhausted.

In Burma the protests seems to be growing daily with nuns, monks being joined by Burmese citizens, demanding an end to military rule. Bush's sanctions on top military leaders is a positive development.

Surjit was killed by her mother-in-law and the MIL's brother Darshan. Her husband tried to cover up the crime. Sickening and disgusting. When will Sikhs stop worrying about their family's izzat and start caring and protecting their sisters, daughters and mothers??

A 70-year-old Sikh grandmother was jailed for life yesterday for arranging the "honour killing" of a daughter-in-law she blamed for bringing shame on the family name by seeking a divorce.
In what the judge described as a "heinous crime characterised by great wickedness", Bachan Athwal decided that Surjit Athwal, 26, was to be "got rid of".

The mother of two was lured to India and murdered. Her body was thrown in the river Ravi, close to the Pakistani border, and was never recovered.

Surjit's husband, Sukhdave, 43, who attempted to cover up the crime by forging letters to the Indian authorities, was also sentenced to life imprisonment and must serve at least 27 years.

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ERS said...

Well, I'm glad finally there is some justice for poor Surjit. I think the people who eventually came forward and testified on her behalf were courageous.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Banerjee, Duflo and Kremer

A simple idea teach where the kids are at..